ِAbout us

Al Alamiah Technical Corporation(ATC)  is one of the most experienced and respected company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of electromechanical works engineering, construction and project management.

Throughout it’s more than 2 decades of existence the company’s progress in terms of annual works turnover and introduction of innovative ideas in its electromechanical field has continued to advance and flourish at a very fast pace.

Since 2004, ATC has completed several electromechanical works for various significant projects of high importance to the kingdom’s needs and economy like power plants, substations, desalination plants, industrial plants, hospitals, schools, residential and office buildings, hotels, housing projects, equestrian resort, seaports, cement factories, and various forms of electromechanical works for the infrastructures of the foregoing projects.

ATC with its resources is capable of delivering its commitment to its clients at agreed delivery time with the expected quality and safety requirements, so much so that now ATC is in the shortlist of the following government organizations and global companies for highly qualified electromechanical companies for their projects like SEC, SWCC, MOCI, MODA, MOE, GE, Siemens, ABB, Hyundai, Doosan, Sepco3, Tecnimont, Alstom, Thyssenkrupp, NPCC, and likewise by respected local companies like SSEM, SST, Detasad, Aramco, Riyadh cement co., Saudi cement co.

ATC expertise is not only limited to electromechanical works. ATC is also capable of performing works as general contractor being a member of the Assad said group of companies. As a general contractor ATC has completed the prestigious Gemtec building of general electric co. in Dammam.

our expertise

  • HVAC systems
  • Fire protection, control, detection and alarm systems - gaseous fire suppression system - foam and fire hydrant system
  • Electrical works for real estate buildings and infrastructures and small power and lightings for industrial buildings, power plants, substations, desalination plants together with their infrastructures requirements.
  • Plumbing systems
  • Turnkey key building projects

Safety Quality and Ethics

ATC is built upon time tested values and excellence and integrity. This means working to the highest ethical standards as measured by the enduring quality of our works and the loyalty of our clients to continually engage our services. At present, ATC is one of the safest companies in the kingdom with zero casualty throughout it’s years of existence.


We are committed to deliver our works to the full satisfaction of our clients at the safest manner and the best quality required on time.


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